How a $1B company Canva started (2 steps)

Melanie Perkins, a college student who was 19 at the time, started Canva.
After 10 years, Canva had 294,000 paying users and was worth $1 billion.

Here are Melanie’s first hard steps:

1.She started with a small market, which was an online design tool for school yearbooks.
Her clients were schools, which paid her real money.
In just 5 years, it grew to be the biggest yearbook printer in Australia and spread to France and New Zealand.

2.After that, she chose to go back to her original plan for Canva, which was to “make design accessible to everyone.”
She went back and forth from Australia to the US for 3 long years to pitch her plan to different investors.
After three years, she got her first investment and wrote the first lines of code for Canva.




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