89% of new hires quit or are fired because they’re not a good fit in the company’s culture. Solutions: …

A study by Leadership IQ shows that: + 46% of new hires quit or are fired within the first 18 months. + 89% of them leave because they don’t fit in with the company’s culture.

Harvard Business Review and Gallup found that happy workers:
1. Are 31% more productive 2.
Make 37% more money
3. Have three times more ideas.
4. Have half as many mistakes.
5. Have much lower health care costs


1.67% of workers say that having values and a culture that are close to their own is the most important thing about a job (screen for culture fit).
2. 93% of employees who volunteer with their company say they are happy with their workplace.
3. 69% of workers say they’d work harder if they were appreciated more.
4. A study shows that managers who focus on their workers’ strengths can prevent problems from happening in the first place.


Source: good.co

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