How he used a chat bot to double the conversion rate of mobile traffic into qualified leads

Anyone who has ever created a landing page is aware of how difficult it is to convert mobile traffic, particularly that from Facebook Ads.


By converting from landing pages to a chat bot, Dimitry Kagan was able to increase his conversions by a factor of two.


This is how:


First, he ran a “Messages to Page” test, and it was successful! People interacted with a customer service representative, who converted them.


  1. He then created a script to automate the process using the flow that had the highest conversion rate.


  1. He built a Facebook Chatbot, which now converses with prospects even as he sleeps.


The following 4 tools will be required to build your Facebook Chatbot campaign:

3.1. A typical “Clicks to Website” Facebook Ads Campaign, with the destination set to “Messenger” rather than a website URL.

3.2.1 Free chatbot creator Chatfuel

3.3. To get leads from chats, use Zapier

Google Sheets: for storing lead information


Example provided by Dmitry – He writes: “Want me to develop an excellent landing page for your business?

To enter the chat, click this link and type “landing.”

People will then be aware that they can utilise this keyword when chatting with your bot as a result. Additionally, you can train the bot to respond to it by providing a suitable response.


As a result, his landing pages performed twice as well, and he was able to generate more leads thanks to a 35% conversion rate from clicks to leads.

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