This approach helped them boost their organic traffic by +20%…

Low domain authority means no organic traffic at all.

The DA of Silvio Porcellana went up from 29/100 to 34/100.
His natural clickthroughs increased by 20% as a result.

This is how he did it:
First, he wrote 44 guest posts for sites with DAs ranging from 25 to 77.
There were links to his website and other posts on his blog from every guest contribution.
Three-quarters of the blogs he contacted didn’t get back to him, 15% were uninterested, and 30% said yes to his offer.
He was chatting with readers in the article comments. Then he discovered that five percent of those people eventually became leads.

The same method was used by another travel website, which narrowed its attention to a single page and a single keyword.

The end result was that, with only 5 guest posts, they were able to get their post onto the first page of Google.
They saw a fourfold increase in organic traffic.


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