The first-mover $Billion company framework

Right? Being the first to market always pays off.

What about Microsoft’s Tablet PC, have you heard of it?
No? They attempted it in 2001, but it was a failure.

With the iPad, Apple made over $150 billion after introducing essentially the same product 9 years later.


The technology-market fit was missing at Microsoft.
Wireless internet, which is now a necessity, wasn’t around then.

Additional pioneering instances of technology meeting consumer demand:
1. The introduction of the “Personal Computer” -> Demand for MacOS and Windows in the marketplace
Two: Online, so Netscape and IE
Third, the Internet gained popularity, leading to the rise of Yahoo, Alta Vista, and Google.
For 4G internet access, think Nokia and iPhone
5. Mobile devices -> Software
Rapid data transfer rates = (more) Netflix and YouTube
Photo app for smartphones: Instagram
8: Selfie apps for smartphones: Snapchat and Looksery
9. Your multibillion dollar startup in the next cutting-edge technology

A Look to the Future: Speed, Convenience and the Rise of AI

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