Lead generation funnel by Tony Robbins

I assume you are familiar with Tony Robbins, who is, by my count, the most famous business and life coach in the United States. He is worth $500,000,000.00.

It seems he can teach us a thing or two ;). He has sufficient funds to conduct thousands of A/B tests in order to identify the most effective lead generation funnel.

Let’s check it out (and maybe steal ;))

His initial emphasis is on providing free value, as evidenced by the call-to-action button reading “Take our free life assessment” on his landing page.

Then, you’ll see the top three gains from completing the test, along with a call to action to “Take the test right now!” (= pay attention to the details of what you’ll receive, and don’t be overwhelmed by more than three choices)

3. You’ll find a total of 14 inquiries:
3.1 They are broken down into 7 easy-to-follow pages (= so as not to be too much for you to handle).
To avoid overwhelming you, there are only two questions per page (= 3.2).
First, I want to know how much pain you’re in right now (= to get on the same frequency as you).
The second question in section 3.4 is meant to elicit positive mental imagery by asking about the kind of future you hope to have.
3.5 It’s as simple as clicking a mouse to provide an answer.
The questions are tailored to the pain points his products alleviate (= he has a better idea of what to sell you).

Once you’ve finished answering all of the questions, an opt-in form will appear with the following text: “To view your personal Wheel of Life and learn what your results mean, fill out the form below.” After reading this, you should feel more motivated to give your email address away (= you understand what you’re signing up for and why, and you don’t want to waste your time filling out the form).

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