How this company generated an additional $250K from this 1 channel alone

Let’s push our own mental boundaries a little today ;).
Concierge Auctions is an online marketplace for high-end real estate priced between $2.5 million and $12 million.

Ah?! 😉

They don’t legally own these buildings any more than a regular marketplace does. They are the equivalent of Airbnb when it comes to purchasing mansions.
Discovering fresh avenues with a positive return on investment was their top priority.

They made $250,000 thanks to one of those channels.

How they pulled it off is as follows:

One of the things they learned was that buyers care more about the lifestyle a property can provide than the location itself.

Second, they took some of the most visually appealing listings (out of a total of 421,000) and turned them into a series of captivating videos. The way of life was highlighted heavily in those clips.

Third, they used Facebook video ads to get the word out.

3.1 Initially, they focused their ad campaigns on potential buyers who had previously visited a particular property page by placing a retargeting pixel on that page.

3.2 Then, they used a combination of overlays and demographic and/or geographical segmentation to serve ads to people who shared a common background.

In section 3.3 they also made use of historical property information to anticipate where potential secondary markets and sites would be ideal for their developments. Also, aimed some of their real estate at the secondary markets.

They conducted extensive A/B testing to measure click-through-rate, user-activity, and return-on-investment (ROI).

As a result, they racked up 251,000 views on their videos.
Because of that, we were able to increase our profits by over $250,000.



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