How Ramit was able to increase number of visitors by 250x, using the same strategy differently…

It’s very common to see an inspiring study that talks about a great growth hack, but if you miss just one small thing when putting it into action, it could mean the difference between a big success and mediocre results.

Here’s an example of how this works.
Ramit was able to get 250 times more results (visitors) by using the same acquisition approach but in a different way.

You already know that guest writing is a great way to get people to use your site.

A few years ago, Ramit wanted to see what would happen if he wrote guest posts for a few other popular sites.

1. In one test, he wrote a post quickly, in about one and a half hours.
As a result, he got 400 people to his site.

In another test, he spent 18 hours writing a very thorough post that included case studies, a video, and real-life examples.
Result: 100,000+ visits.

By spending 12 times as much time on the better post, he got 250 times as many hits.

Does it make sense?




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