How Noah Kagan built his first business for $50 and got first 200 clients…

Many of us have invested time and resources only to see those endeavours fail.

When Noah Kagan first ventured into entrepreneurship in 2010, he came dangerously close to repeating the same error.
But his pal made him prove his theory correct.

From there, he got his first 200 paying customers, validating his hypothesis.
AppSumo is the subject of this narrative. With nearly a million people on their email list, the business is booming.

What then, was the cause:

As a regular Reddit user, he first became aware of the existence of the imgur app and the imgur Pro account.
He reasoned that he could offer a discounted rate for imgur Pro to Reddit users.

Second, he contacted the creator of imgur via email and asked if he would be willing to offer a promotional deal with Noah at a steep discount. After some hesitation, he exclaimed, “SURE!”
His product was ready to sell, but he lacked a website and customers.

Third, he emailed a Reddit founder out of the blue and invited him to breakfast in order to attract customers. Yes, he did.
3.2 Noah requested free advertisement space on Reddit because he was promoting something of value to the site’s users. His assent was gracious.

Four, Noah established a gateway between his website and the payment processor.

Reddit ads were released 5 years ago.

Six, he made two hundred sales, and for each one, he personally emailed a code that could be used to upgrade to imgur Pro.


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