How many sales happen BEFORE countdown reached 0:00 vs. AFTER? Here’s my own study on this…

In business, procrastination is fatal.

I find it helpful to give my clients a choice between two solutions:
One, pay the listed price.
You have 60 minutes to make your purchase at a 50% discount before the deal ends.

I just did some impressive data analysis…
How many items do you think were sold BEFORE the clock hit 0?

96.4%!!! (That’s 26 PERCENT!!! better numbers than AFTER)

My second music startup’s data prompted me to double-check some of my calculations (I used the same approach there).

Sales reached 96.87 percent before the clock hit zero.


At first, I planned on making money off of my countdown (a lot of you asked me).
But then I came across this fantastic resource… Visit for a FREE online email timer countdown. (there’s no sign-up needed, either)


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