He applied this simple trick within 15 minutes. Result: increased revenue of his startup by $2,838…

We tend to be so focused on getting new users that we forget to take advantage of the chances we already have.

The founder of Fomo, Ryan Kulp, was able to shift his attention to these possibilities.
He made $2,838 in 15 minutes because of this.


By using a SQL query.

Are you familiar with SQL?
This is the language you can use to talk to your database.

It’s a must-know in this age of growth hacking and technology marketing.
Because it lets you find out things that, like in Ryan’s case, can make you $2,838 in 15 minutes.

What Ryan did was the following:
1. I wondered how many people haven’t finished our onboarding, which means they haven’t clicked a button to start paying.
2. Use SQL to ask this question of the database.
3.The answer was 105 shops.
4. He sent these shops specific emails telling them to push that button.
Boom! His bank account had $2,838 in it.

The next step is to make this automatic.
Send your developer this SQL and your email template, and robots will start making money for you immediately.


Source: blog.usefomo.com

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