A 7-step framework that works to find, evaluate, and hire a superstar content-marketing team

Through trial and error, Benji Hyam, a blog manager at Grow & Convert, has figured out a framework that works to find, evaluate, and hire perfect-fit writers for your blog.


  1. Problogger, AngelList and LinkedIn work best to post a job offer on.


  1. Send each candidate a document that covers these things:

  + Your business model

  + Your target market

  + The story behind why it was founded

  + About your products/services

  + Your vision for your blog

  + Who the intended readers are

  + Types of content you’re looking for

  + Your goal with the blog

  + Links to samples of writing that you like

  + What you like about the samples

  + Tone of your blog

  + Blog post length


If they’re still interested after the #2,

test their autonomousness:

  1. Ask them to pitch 3 story headlines (+ a 1 sentence description) that they would like to write about.


If they passed the #3:

  1. Pick a headline you like

– and ask them to write a test post

– with a condition:

  + if you don’t like the post, you let them use the post however they wish

  + if you like it – you pay $150-$250


If they passed the #4:


  1. They can post as little or as much as they want

– but they give you an estimated date of a new post


  1. Pay $150-$250 per post

– hourly doesn’t work


  1. Share metrics about their posts

– in order to cultivate a feeling of ownership

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