8 steps on how to get +64% more clicks from YouTube

To quickly review, YouTube receives over 4 billion views every single day.

Women are more likely to click on a video with an eye-catching thumbnail on YouTube than men are (64% vs. 154%).
Ninety percent of the most successful videos on YouTube all have unique thumbnails.

Learn how to make a unique thumbnail with these steps:

First, open Canva.
Step 2: Pick “use custom dimensions” (right-top).
Put in a resolution of 1280 by 720.

4. Post a still image or screenshot that serves as a preview of the video’s content.
Five, insert your company’s logo and some explanatory text.

Click on “My Videos” in the menu. 6.
Select “Edit” in the menu at number 7.
Afterward, go to “Custom Thumbnail” and edit the image.

Hint from the pros. If you want the best possible outcomes:
Use a variety of images (your potential thumbnails) to create multiple Google Adwords ads and then see which one yields the best results. Apply the victor.


Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/4-quick-wins-to-increase-your-youtube-engagement/

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