4x your time on site (+free insane tool)

Google gives more weight to sites that visitors stick around on for longer periods of time.
I think you already know this.

Getting people to stay on your website for longer is the real challenge.

Very lengthy piece, huh?
The time and effort required is substantial, though.

A better approach can increase reader engagement and retention by as much as four times.
For surveys, quizzes, and polls, see here.

Again though, developing such content is a time-consuming endeavour.

Dan Brodovich, a member of our stunning community, confided in me some exciting news, and I am delighted to share it with you.

You can find a wide variety of popular polls, quizzes, and surveys ready to be embedded on 1Worldonline.com.

It’s not only no-cost to use the tool, but it also provides financial compensation. (What?!) Yeah. Participants in polls, quizzes, and surveys are shown relevant advertisements. You can improve your time-on-site metrics and your financial reward in two ways at once. Ha?! 😉

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