11 steps Brian Dean took to boost his organic traffic by 260% (without publishing any new content)

Without adding any new content to his blog, Brian Dean was able to increase his organic traffic by 260.7% recently.
He started by going to the “Search Analytics” section of the Google Search Console.
2 Select “Impressions” and “Position” from the drop-down menus.
He picked the seventh-to-fifteenth most popular page in terms of views.

I’ve doubled the quality of this page:
Four, all new pictures and screen captures.
5 I fixed the format of the post.
Sixth, a new example was included.
Questions from many readers were answered. 7. (from comments).
8 Told more tales than before.
9. Added a reward.
The “published” date has been updated. 10.
Eleven. Announced the revision to his email list and social media followers.

The end result was that his page received four times as many backlinks and his targeted keyword, “white hat SEO,” jumped from the seventh to the fourth position in search engine results.
As a result, organic visits increased by as much as 260.7 percent.


Source: https://backlinko.com/content-relaunch

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