+10% more signups (easy-to-apply study)

WhenIWork SaaS wanted to get more people to sign up.
One of their tests made 10% less people sign up.
And the other one went up by 10%.

Test #1: They chose to add the most valuable features that customers use and often ask for to their landing page.
They changed how the page looked, but the effect was always the same: the number of people who signed up dropped by 10%.

Test #2: They chose to look at what their happy customers had to say about their SaaS (why they liked it).
Then, they looked at what customers were upset about and how the SaaS helped them get what they wanted.
The TOP 3 pieces were added to their main page.
As a result, 10% more people signed up.

Have you ever tried taking everything off your list of features? (It will take you one minute to do this test)


Source: growthrock.co

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