Try Takeovers/Partnership

Participate in an Instagram takeover of each other’s accounts by forming a partnership with another company or influencer. Both of you will get new followers as a result of the audience that the other possesses. You have the option of letting the competing brand post to your Stories, carry out a live question and answer session, and publish straight to your feed. Before carrying out a takeover, you should give careful consideration to the items listed below.


How long is the takeover expected to last?


What is the maximum number of posts that they should/could publish?


Are there any content rules, taboo subjects, or other restrictions?


Are there any particular hashtags or pieces of material you’d like them to talk about?


What are they going to get in exchange for it?


Remember to spread the word about the takeover before it really takes place. If a more established company or influential person takes over your account for the day, you may receive coverage for more than just that one day. Think about boosting a post that’s a promotion or a post that’s a takeover since you’ll be able to corner the market on two different audiences that way and get more bang for your investment.

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