Start sharing more snackable content

Users’ ability to focus online has been declining for some time. Twenty years ago, the average human attention span was 12 seconds; today, it’s only 8 seconds online. Modern internet users have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

Realizing that their users have short attention spans, social media sites have begun emphasising bite-sized pieces of information. These are bite-sized chunks of content that can be read in less than a minute.

TikTok, which shot to prominence in 2020, is a platform that capitalises on short, snackable pieces of content.

After seeing the popularity of TikTok’s short videos, Instagram decided to launch a new feature they’re calling Reels, which is essentially the same thing.

Even major brands like Apple have taken notice of the feature and are now actively promoting it to their followers by posting Reels. This demonstrates that even the most established brands understand the importance of producing content that can be consumed in small bites.

Internet users’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so there will be a growing market for bite-sized pieces of content.


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