Do It Live (Instagram + Live Events)

Incorporate the event’s hashtag and handle into your live posts, and use Stories to share what’s happening at workplace events. Here is a handy to-do list to have on hand if you’re in charge of a live event.


Make a custom hashtag for the occasion and encourage people to use it. Use the year in the hashtag (for example, #INBOUND18) if you run the event every year to track the volume of postings and gauge your progress.


During the event, make use of Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram TV. Story Highlights are important, so don’t overlook them!


During the event, post user-generated material (UGC) and inform attendees that they may be included in the content.


If you have access to monitors or a big digital display, you should consider broadcasting a feed of the hashtag that is being used for your event.


It’s exciting to have your Instagram photo or video displayed on the massive screens during major sporting events, and it motivates users to submit lots of content to increase their odds of being selected.

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