Create a Regular Series (Weekly Task)

Nobody wants a bunch of irrelevant accounts filling up their feed. What they really care about is seeing the content that piques their interest. This means that getting a following today can be a little more challenging. You’ll need a special touch if you want someone to not only follow you, but keep coming back for more of your content. In other words, you need to figure out how to keep them coming back for more.

And a consistent series is the best way to do that. You’ll always be present and helpful if you follow this social media growth hack. But the question is, how does one begin such a series? Determine first which medium you’d like to use to broadcast the series. From there, you can organise your content strategy. Let me suggest a few possibilities:

Use Twitter to hold a weekly discussion about Spaces. It’s possible to treat a Twitter chat like an ongoing series.

If you run a business page on Facebook, you should go live at least once a week.

Instagram: Stream live every week or post to IGTV.

Given the regularity of these gatherings, it’s best to stick to a routine (kind of essential for a chat). You can generate anticipation by letting them know about it in advance.

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