Ha-ha :) these folks know how to stand out from the crowd and prove their customer support is the best…

In order to succeed in the long run, you understand that providing excellent customer service is crucial.But how can you show that your service is above and beyond what your customers expect?
What Nextiva performed is described below.
They film a video response to each question asked by a consumer (through social media, email, website, etc.) and upload it to YouTube.

Ha? 🙂
Imagine receiving a film like that; how would you feel?
68 percent of clients say they have left a company because they felt they weren’t valued.
The movies can then be used to demonstrate the company’s dedication to its clientele.

A week ago, I was deciding on a web server for my brand-spanking-new weblog.
I was choosing between #1 and #4 in the list of best of the best.
I was ready to go with #1. But I’ve chosen #4.

Inquiries were made to both firms.
The level of support of #4 amazed me :).


Source: www.marketingsherpa.com

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