This setting alone helps to generate over 700% higher conversions from Facebook Ads…

AdEspresso looked at how more than $100 million was spent on ads and found that “Desktop Newsfeed” has a Cost-Per-Click that is 1.5–6 times higher than “Audience Network” and “Mobile Newsfeed.”

Scoro chose to do this as part of their project. .
1.The cost per click for desktop ads was 534% higher than the cost per click for ads on Mobile + Audience Network.


2.But “Desktop + Audience Network” ads got more clicks than “Mobile + Audience Network” ads by more than 700%.

Bummer + Ha-ha:).

“Facebook – Feeds” for Desktop Only is also something I love to use.

Here are some more tricks I use that work well for me:
1. I chose “Daily Unique Reach” instead of “Conversions” for “Optimisation for Ad Delivery”.
2.But I choose “Complete Registration” to see how many people I’ve signed up.

Happy advertising on Facebook 😉



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