They analyzed 100M headlines. Here are the TOP 5 phrases that gained the most Facebook engagement…

Headlines can improve conversions by a lot, lower the cost per acquisition, and bring in more money.
If you have good ideas for headlines, it’s worth it to do A/B testing over and over again, forever.

If you don’t, here are the findings of a recent study by Buzzsumo.
They looked at 100 million titles. Here are the top five three-word sentences in headlines that got the most likes, shares, and comments on Facebook.

TOP 5 headlines with three-word phrases:
#1. will make you: 8,961 average Facebook likes
#2. This is why: 4,099
#3. Can we guess: 3,199
#4. Only [number] in: 2,398
#5. This is why: 1,610

TOP 5 ways to start a headline:
#1: [number] of reasons why: 5121
#2: [number] of things you should do: 4690
#3: [number]: 4107
4: [number]: 3150
#5: [number]: 2784

Good luck with your A/B tests ;).


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