How to 10x your organic reach on Facebook (my wow study)

Facebook’s organic impact of 1% to 3% stinks. It’s a waste of time and money to try to get more fans.
Up until yesterday, I thought so.

Yesterday, I saw that 32% of the people who follow me on Facebook see my posts. What?! How?

766 people are following me on Facebook. I’m not talking about my page. I’m talking about my own Facebook account.

I started to post movies to my new Russian-speaking email group about happy marriage.
Facebook shows how many people watched each movie.

My first video was watched 256 times, and my second was watched 257 times.
I didn’t notice it until I split this number by the number of people who follow me.
Holy %@##! That’s 33% of the people who follow me!

I looked at the accounts of some of my other friends.
Holy %@##! On average, they meet 30–50% of their goals.

1. It’s still hard to get more people to like your Facebook page.
2. It seems to make much more sense to grow the number of people who follow you on Facebook.

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