Facebook knows what users buy outside of Facebook. Here’s how you can target your ads at specific customers

In case you didn’t know:

1. Facebook is aware of individuals’ offline purchasing habits.
2. several data brokers supply them with this information.
3. Acxiom, just one of these companies, keeps track of more than 750 billion yearly transactions (500 million consumers worldwide).

It means you may target Facebook advertising specifically at people who make purchases of a narrow range of goods and services online, such as yours.

1. In the Facebook ad creation process, visit the “Detailed Targeting” tab.
2. After selecting “Purchase Behavior” under “Behaviors,” click “Browse.”
3. delve deeper to locate your ideal clients:.

Sadly, these enchanted subsets are restricted to American consumers and are therefore unavailable anywhere else.

Use a VPN service based in the United States for at least two days.
If you are using a non-US IP address to access Facebook, the database will need to be updated.
Facebook’s help desk suggested I do this.

Source: www.facebook.com

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