A simple quest by Daniel Weber increased traffic from a Facebook page by 16 times (real story)

One of our wonderful community members, Daniel Weber, was nice enough to share his growth hack with us.

He relaunched a website for a fast food joint and purposefully left in several misspellings.

Then he announced it on Facebook, saying that anyone who caught a typo in the comments section would receive a discount code for their best-selling item (albeit each error would only be counted once).

Prior to this update, they had 1020 followers on Facebook and were averaging roughly 60 daily website hits.
He had 9400 people see the post within 48 hours (an increase of over 900%), 50 new fans join, and 1000 people (16x) visit his website. Totally naturally.

In addition, devoted readers have uncovered twenty typos ;).


Source: www.linkedin.com

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