How this guy made $5K through cold emails…

Would you send Bamidele Onibalusi $5,000 in response to an unsolicited email?

No matter, he made it happen.
First, he got $5,025 after sending out 104 cold emails. Furthermore, 64.4% of the cold emails he sent were opened.

You can accomplish it, because if Bamidele did it, so can you.
See an example of the kind of email he was using here.
He advertises his freelancing work, but the model would be useful for selling anything.

Example of a cold email

“Hello, FirstName”

I wanted to investigate whether there was a need for a content contributor at CompanyName, so I reached out.
Bamidele Onibalusi here. My blogs, which have been read by millions of people over the past few years, have been featured in major publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and Digital Journal.
Please let me know if you’re in need of a freelance writer to assist you and your clients.
Whatever your content marketing requirements are, I can assist you. This includes but is not limited to blog entries, guest posts, resources, newsletters, landing page material, and more.
If you’re interested, I’d be pleased to talk about what I’ve done and how I might help.

Sincerely Yours,



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