How they generated $3,386 in sales from subscribers who never opened their emails…

Invino had a list of 78,000 people who signed up for emails but never opened them.
They were going to get rid of them, but instead they sold them for $3,386.

The steps are…

Did you know that:
1. The rate of sales from birthday emails is 481% higher than the rate of sales from advertising emails.
2. Emails about birthdays bring in 342% more money per email than promotional emails.
3. There are 179% more unique clicks on birthday emails than on promotional emails.

But Invino didn’t know when the users who weren’t using the service were born.
Even though data show that one in twelve people have birthdays in the same month. (make sense? ;))

So, they sent an email to all of their subscribers with the clever subject line “Happy [belated] Birthday!” in the hopes that it would be useful to 1/12th of their list.

Here are their results (for people who signed up for their emails but had never opened one before):
470+ warm answers and $3,386 in sales.

Getting more people to sign up is another way to boost sales. Here’s a simple tool I always suggest for this.




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