How AppVault (B2B platform) managed to boost their email open rates by 5 times…

You may have heard that putting your first name in the subject line of an email gets more people to open it.

AppVault, a B2B tool for recruitment marketing, used something else in their subject lines instead of “First Name.”
Because of this, their open rates went through the roof—they went from 13% to 66%, which is 5 times more.

How did they do it?

They thought that First Name was used too much in subject lines and that people no longer thought of emails with First Name as personal.

So, they decided to find out something else about the person.
Something that their customers deal with every day and hurts them.

In their case, they used the name of a method used to keep track of applicants.
This information is pretty specific, and that’s the key.

In your case, you can use any unique name for a niche product or service that your customers already use and are always frustrated by.



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