2 highest-opened cold email subject lines. One of them shows 86.6% open rate.

Have you ever reached 86.6% of people on a social network without paying?
No? Me either.

But I have seen it happen through email.
I also did a trial with cold emails, and more than half of them were opened. This is called “organic reach,” and it’s free.
“Invitation for NAME” was the subject line of my winning email.

Today, I came across some interesting tests that other companies were doing with the subject lines of their cold emails.

So here are the most-read subject lines for cold emails:
1. “Hey, NAME, I have a quick question”
2. “I Found You Through CONTACT NAME” by LeadGenius (86.6% open rate).

It looks like these topics can get you a lot of free leads.


Source: sumo.com


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