2 cold email subject lines with the most opens. One of them has an open rate of 86.6%

Have you ever had an organic reach of 86.6% on a social network?

No? No, not me.


But I’ve had email experience with it.

Additionally, I tried out cold emails and had over 50% of them opened for free and organic reach.

The “Invitation for NAME” subject line was my favourite.


Today I came across a few intriguing cold email subject line studies conducted by various businesses.


Here are the cold email subject lines that have received the most opens:

  1. “Hey NAME, quick inquiry,” said Sumo.
  2. from LeadGenius: “I Found You Through CONTACT NAME” (86.6% open rate).


It appears that these topics will provide you with a tonne of free leads.


Source : sumo.com

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