Turn your social platforms into shopping channels

For the most part, companies have only used social media for promotional purposes in the past. The general idea was to get the word out about your wares on various social media platforms before sending interested buyers to your virtual store to make a purchase.

The tide, however, has been turning as of late. Popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have implemented shopping capabilities to keep users on their sites.

So, if you’re on Facebook and you see a jacket you like, you can buy it without ever having to leave the site or interrupt your current browsing session in order to do so. The level of convenience it brings to social media users is unprecedented.

Ink Meets Paper is one company that has found a way to profit from this loophole. The custom greeting card company has set up a Facebook store and integrated the Facebook “Buy Now” button, so that customers can place orders and pay for their products without ever leaving Facebook.

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