How they managed to generate $7M in sales with a boring product (and disgusting topic)…

If your product is boring, you can’t sell it without spending billions of dollars on advertising.

A real head scratcher.
Oh yeah.
Let’s see…

These guys made a movie about their tongue scratcher.
It was watched more than 25 million times and made more than $7 million.

You might think, “Wow, they got lucky when they made a video that went viral.”

Here’s how it really went down:
1. The makers looked at the most popular movies.
2. Used the most common styles in their film.
And it spread quickly, right? No.
3.Then they tried a lot of different headlines, thumbnails, video lengths, and descriptions using the A/B method.
4.Then, they used A/B testing to figure out the best way to get people to go from the movie to their landing page.
5.Then, they used A/B testing to figure out how to turn visitors into sales.
6.Once they found out that for every $40 they spent on ads, they made $45 back… Boom! They got a chute that made money for them.
7. They put the money they make back into ads, run endless A/B tests, improve sales, and make more money.

You only see millions of views that look like magic.
In fact, it’s the result of using data to make a machine that makes money and gives a good return on investment.



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