+13% in sales, +116% in friends added

Duolingo tried giving users an MVP badge that said “You signed up,” but it didn’t work.

After a year, they thought that the MVP might not have been good enough. So they built it back up.
Because of this, 13% more things were bought than before.

What did they do different:

1. They began to think of badges as accomplishments that should make them feel proud.
So, they started giving them to people only after they had put in some work (not just for “signing up”).

2.People want to collect badges, they found.
It gives them a reason to work harder and harder.

3. They found that users want to see who can get the most badges compared to their friends.
So, they began adding their friends to their page.

Results: +4% more lessons started and ended;
+13% more things bought;
+116% more friends added.


Source: firstround.com

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