The TOP 14 terms to split-test in your CTAs, headlines, and descriptions



The number of words in the English language is as follows.

Each of these words can improve or decrease your conversions, so keep that in mind as you decide what to A/B test next.

However, it appears that testing them all would take a lot of time:).


But among them, 14 have the best chance of boosting your conversion rate.


These are them:

The following are true: 1. Free 2. New 3. Proven 4. Simple 5. Secret 6. More 7. The 8. Yes 9. If 10. Never 11. Imagine 12. Instant 13. Convert 14. You


To you, happy A/B testing.


Neil Patel,

What colour scheme, according to research by Ryan McCready of Venngage, produces 131% more clicks than the sample average?


Everyone wants to make a few minor adjustments and notice a significant rise in conversions.

Do you not?


Here is a prime illustration of this.


Several photos were A/B tested on Facebook by Ryan McCready of Venngage.

According to his research, this colour combination generates 131% more clicks than the sample average.


White writing on a dark background makes up this colour scheme.

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