Teach your customers how to use your product

When a customer signs up for a new service, one of their biggest concerns is learning how to make the most of it.

Andre Capland, head of Wistia’s growth team, has noticed this. What’s more, he and his team found that first-time Wistia users who “borrowed” a video actually watched it in its entirety. Capland and his group recognised an opportunity to capitalise on this by providing in-depth product and service information.

Afterwards, Capland and his crew made a video tutorial showing first-time visitors around their media page and explaining the various features available to them. Then, they made it available to prospective customers as a sample of the videos they could rent.

Wistia saw a 15% increase in one of their onboarding metrics after they shifted the focus of the video new users can borrow to one that focused more on their product and services. More customers subscribed and activated their accounts as a direct result.

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