In an A/B test, this headline increased conversions by 55%.

Numerous research that showed how changing just one phrase increased conversions were presented by me.


I’m going to share another study with you today to increase your creativity and motivate fresh successes. 😉


They were able to boost conversions by 55% in this A/B test.


Here is the quiz:


Control: Low-Cost, User-Friendly Web-Based Contact Manager (CRM)


Option 1: Purchase a User-Friendly Web-Based Contact Manager (CRM)


Variation 2: Our Web-Based Contact Manager CRM is Used by 10,000+ Businesses.)


Option 3: Concentrate on Your Sales While We Manage Your Contacts


Variation 4: The Fastest & Simplest Method For Contact Organization


As a result, there was a 55% increase in conversions from the winning headline.

… iteration 4


Source: surgelabs

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