How they changed their well-liked CTA to generate 245% more leads

Have you ever noticed CTAs that read “Schedule a Demo Today!” on various websites?


The CTA used by this company is exactly the same.

They believed that scheduling a demo would result in them receiving more leads, thus they didn’t want to just display a demo video.


The CTA “Schedule a Demo Today!” was put to the test one day against the CTA “FREE 5-min Demo Video.”


Results: Leads increased by 245% and CTR increased by +738% (Oo!)



64% extra revenue as a result of just one change (3 facts)


Here are three truths to consider if you want to increase your sales (and who doesn’t? ):


  1. After watching a video, 64% of website visitors are more likely to purchase a product from an online retailer.


  1. Inquiries for real estate listings with videos are 403% more than those without.


  1. The percentage of subscribers who converted to leads jumped by 51% when videos were incorporated into email marketing campaigns.



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