How Sean Bestor used these 5 tactics to obtain 3K free high-quality leads

Imagine you do nothing as your email list expands and customers buy your goods. Aladdin handles everything on your behalf. You simply lounge in the sun and get daily reports. Interesting, huh? In that case, kindly press “reply” and inform me. Returning to the growth study for today…


22K followers, 8 million views, and more than 3000 high-quality email subscribers were acquired by Sean Bestor.

It’s all from Quora. for nothing.


These are the 5 actions he took:


  1. He started by completing his profile and adding a pertinent offer with a link to gather leads.


  1. Identified themes relevant to his industry and picked inquiries that met the following criteria:

2.1. The ratio of followers to answers should be greater than seven to one.

2.2. Many followers, but a lot of incorrect responses.

2.3. a query that enables him to add a unique illustration to the response.

2.4. Or you could include a touching, real-life anecdote.

2.5. in keeping with his bio offer.


  1. In order to stand noticed, he adds an image:

3.1. celebrity picture

3.2. Or a comparison of the two.

3.3. or a snapshot of yourself.


  1. He produces exceptional, top-notch responses.


  1. He finishes with a delicate, furry CTA.

For illustration, if this is a topic you are interested in, we have written numerous articles on it. Here is where you can read them: [insert link]


I’m hoping they can assist you with [X] pain point.


P.S. The Quora staff occasionally selects the finest responses for big media sites to publish (with a link to your bio).

Sean’s responses were published in this manner on Inc., Apple News, and The Huffington Post.


P.S. You may instantly download more growth studies from this page.



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