How he managed to 2x conversions for mobile traffic into qualified leads using a chat bot

Anyone who has created a landing page knows how challenging it is to convert mobile traffic, especially that which originates from Facebook ads.

By replacing landing pages with a chat bot, Dimitry Kagan saw a doubling of conversions.

In this way:

Before launching his full-scale campaign, he did a “Messages to Page” test, which was successful. A CSR engaged potential customers in conversation and won them over.

Then, in order to streamline operations, he scripted the highest converting flow.

While he sleeps, his Facebook Chatbot is busy chatting with potential customers. We’ll need these four things to build your Facebook Chatbot campaign:
Facebook Ads Campaign, “Clicks to Website,” where “Messenger” is substituted for the website URL.
Chatfuel is an open-source, no-cost chatbot creation platform.
Chat lead extraction using Zapier
Google Sheets: A Place To Keep Track Of Prospective Customers’ Information

Example by Dmitry: “Want me to create a great landing page for your business?” he asks in the ad that leads to the chatbot.
To begin the conversation, follow the link and enter “landing”
You can then let people know that they can use that keyword in conversations with your bot. The bot can be instructed to reply in kind if you so desire.

The end result: a 35% click-to-lead conversion rate (doubling the effectiveness of his landing pages) and lower cost per click to the bot.

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