How can you get through a block in your creativity? View these 60K Facebook Ad samples from various industries.

Your next A/B test for a Facebook ad is set up, but you run into trouble.

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Here’s how to quickly get over a creative block.


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Worth paying attention to and taking notes from for your subsequent A/B test


This well-known and simple trap caused a 40% drop in sales…


You’re familiar with the generalisation that “the lower the friction, the higher the conversions.”

On a checkout page, MECLABS reduced friction, yet their sales fell by 40%.


What they did was this:


  1. There were three subscription lengths available (1 month, 6 months, annual). Most people choose a monthly plan.


  1. So they made the decision to simply provide a monthly plan, which eliminated a step and simplified the checkout process.


As a result, sales dropped by 40%.




They were found to have violated two crucial laws:


  1. emotional response.

We frequently reply in a way that will reassert our independence when we feel like someone is trying to force us to do something (“Do this one thing”). Leave the checkout if such is the case.


  1. An anchor price.

When there is only one price, it is impossible to determine if it is excellent or bad.

But if you have three prices, you may compare them and pick the best one.


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