Dynamic Retargeting

You can’t go wrong with dynamic retargeting if you’re looking for a more effective and tailored retargeting solution. It’s basically a combination of personalisation and remarketing, which produces better results than either method alone.
Say you are interested in a career at Coca-Cola. If someone from Coca-Cola visits your website, you may compile a list of their whole marketing team’s emails using a service like Clearbit, then send them a custom Facebook dynamic ad. Emblazon it with their logo. Insert “We assist corporations such as Coca-Cola” into the copy. Boom.
Those advertising can be tailored even further based on what the user was looking for on your site, such as SEO advice: “We assist firms like Coca-Cola improve their SEO.” You’ve got a winning formula with your promise of more value on top of customization.
Since a customer who visited a product page but didn’t make a purchase can see that product again and again in a dynamic retargeting campaign, this strategy is particularly well-suited to online stores. And it provides ample opportunity to try out various deals. What percentage of those who looked at the product but ultimately decided not to buy would be persuaded by a 10% discount? 25%? Unless, of course, they just need to see it five more times.

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