70% conversion rate (B2B case study)

In a nutshell, Segment had a major issue. It was difficult to set up their software.
They did some data analysis and discovered some intriguing trends.
Many large companies, including Nike, etc., signed up but then never installed the software despite its obvious benefits.
Zero percent of the segment’s highest-value customers were being converted.

They were able to convert 70% of that group with just one simple strategy.

That’s why they did the following:

As soon as I signed up, I was asked, “Would you like help getting started?” Is it a yes or a no?

A screen that read “Thank you, we’re going to reach out to you” appeared when they selected “yes.”

A whopping 70% of people who clicked “Yes, I want help” ultimately made a purchase.

That’s confusing; could you explain it?
The greater your percentage of “Yes, I want help” responses, the larger your pool of potential buyers.

To what end may this be accomplished?
What if, upon a user clicking “Yes, I want help,” personalised support was immediately made available within the app?
What if, for people who work for large companies, they offered personalised support automatically upon signup inside the app, with no extra steps or inquiries required?


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