10x more leads (powerful)

What would you like more: 100 clicks or 100 calls?

Yeah, it’s obvious – calls.


And the stats prove your choice:

  1. Phone calls convert at 10x the rate of digital forms.
  2. Calls to businesses are worth 3x more than clicks to websites.
  3. 70% of mobile searches today result in a phone call to a business.
  4. 2.7x more people prefer to reach a business via phone calls compared to a web form on your website (oops) (oops).


Sound powerful? 🙂


Did you know that with Google Ads:

  1. You can place call-only campaigns = no need to invest your time, money, efforts into various landing pages
  2. Calls are the same cost as clicks = 10x more leads for the same cost (OMG) (OMG)


Source: adespresso.com

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