The method that helped them get 2.91 times more shares for free…

Starting and maintaining your own blog is challenging.
First, dedicating the time necessary to compose lengthy pieces is essential.
Or, you’ll have to pony up some cash to have each article written.

Before seeing what the Curata team had accomplished, I had the same opinion.

They used three different resources to generate 24 blog posts:
1. Internal resource (staff)
2. Agency/Freelancer
3. Guest blogger

The average number of social media shares for each source is as follows:
1. Internal resource (staff): ~110 shares per blog post
2. Agency/Freelancer: ~250 shares per blog post (2.27 times more)
3. Guest blogger: ~320/blog post (2.91 times more shares)

At first glance, this study may seem like any other; yet,
1. you won’t have to pay anything for guest pieces on your blog.
2. you won’t have to spend any of your own time preparing guest content for your blog.
3.they send free traffic to your blog.
4. the author’s blog post receives 2.91 times as many shares as average (perhaps due to the author’s own promotion of the piece).

I was wondering if you took guest posts on your blog.



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