The content marketing framework (must read)

A lot of us know a lot about marketing with content. I’ve talked about a lot of research on this.
But people don’t always understand the whole picture (how material turns into customers in the end).

I just found a great template for content marketing that lets you see the whole picture.
Here you go:

Bring in the right people:
1. Articles
2. Blog posts
3. Assessments
4. Information images
5. Podcasts
6. Being a thought leader
7. The white papers
8. Videos
9. News and press 10. Tips
11. Webinars in the industry
12. Industry ebooks

Leads from prospects:
1. Training lessons
2. Assessments
3. Solution videos
4. Frameworks
5. Worksheets for learning
6. Points of view
7. Solution pages
8. Presentations
9. Sell-in solution decks
10. Virtual events
11. Physical happenings

Build a business name:
1. Guides to buying/products
2. Tools for judging products. 3. Product lectures.
4. Case studies
5. Testimonials
6. Lists of facts
7. Tests for free
8. Comparisons
9. Marketing a product
10. Sales training
11. Virtual classes

Turn someone into a customer:
1. Tools for measuring ROI
2. Case studies of ROI 3. Detailed evaluations
4. Product demos
5. Customised workshops
6. Custom sales support
7. Executive slideshows made to order



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