Social Media

Real estate professionals are increasingly using social media networks. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others can be really useful.


According to a NYC real estate agent who increased commissions, the “quickfire” nature of platforms like TikTok enables renters to “view 10 flats in 10 minutes.” She now relies entirely on TikTok for her company.


Videos revealing hidden areas, DIY tips, and luxury properties were some of the other topics that real estate agents frequently covered.


Post captivating visual content on social media networks, such as:


online tours.


tours of the local area.


Active representations of the attribute that convey a feeling.


Photos of the before and after of renovations and staging


How to fund property upgrades after a recent purchase.


Before listing a house for sale, owners should make improvements.


interviews with contented clients (this is great for blog content, as well).


All of this is also possible with video. Even live streaming can be used for virtual tours.


Don’t spread yourself too thin when it comes to social media; instead, concentrate on the platforms where your audience is most active. Having fewer, well-maintained channels is preferable to trying to be everywhere at once.


You’ll need to put up consistent effort if you want to succeed with social media, much like your whole content strategy.

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