Measuring Content ROI

The term “return on investment” (ROI) refers to a method of analysing key performance indicators (KPIs) and marketing objectives focused on calculating the monetary value of content. Would you recommend it?


What is the cost, and what are you receiving in return?


Don’t forget the importance of content’s influence when calculating return on investment. Analyze how organic traffic and keyword rankings change from month to month and year to year, both for individual pieces of content and for the entire site as a whole. Create an engaging narrative with the aforementioned KPIs.


If your content ranks strongly for competitive keywords, can you credit that to that? What kind of campaign did you run that resulted in a surge in conversions, if any?


By compiling such data-driven narratives, you may not only improve underperforming material, but also recognise and appreciate triumphs. This can help you convey your efforts to brokers and other company executives, as well as provide evidence in support of requesting financial resources for your real estate venture.

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