7 emotional formulas that make content go viral (uncovered by 6 different studies)…

Six different psychology studies (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) looked at a lot of content and found seven emotional formulas that make content go viral with a coefficient over 1:

#1: High excitement Positive, DOMINANT feelings (like “in love,” “passionate,” “enthusiastic,” “lyrical,” “curious,” “victorious,” etc.) that are pushed to the limit.
#2. High-arousal positive DOMINANT feelings + Surprise, shock
#3 High-arousal negative submission feelings (Terror, Panic, Fear, Shocked, Jealous, Desperate, Jumpy, Aghast, Agonised, Frustrated, Disgusted, Sick, etc.)
+ High-arousal positive submission feelings (Surprised, Expectant, same as Dominant but when you don’t feel in control) + Surprise, shock
#4. Emotions of high desire and submission + Surprise, shock
#5: Low-arousal negative submission emotions (bored, embarrassed, apologetic, compassionate, humble, melancholic, etc.) + low-arousal positive submission emotions + surprise, shock
#6. Low-arousal negative submission feelings + Surprise, shock
#7. Low-arousal positive submission feelings (relaxed, content, relieved, grateful, carefree, forgiving, etc.) + surprise, shock


Source: hbr.org


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