The one question framework that helped Intercom achieve over $800M in monthly recurring revenue

When Intercom originally began offering their services,
1.They did so as a whole package.
2.People had a hard time grasping the concept of “Intercom.”
3.The intercom system has no idea what the deal is with them.

Soon after, the “Jobs-To-Be-Done framework” was uncovered.
Instead of defining your product in terms of its features and benefits, you should ask yourself, “What ‘jobs’ do my customers ‘hire’ my product to do?”

Intercom’s primary product was divided into four (each aimed at a different “job”) categories based on this one question: acquire, engage, learn, and support.

A yearly recurring revenue of $10 million is the result of their efforts.

Can you explain your product via a “Jobs to be done” framework ?


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